Amazon Prime Student – Free 6 Months Trial



amazon 6 months free trial for students


Good news!!! As long as you have an email account including ‘.edu’ in the domain, you are eligible for  Amazon Prime Student Program, which gives you a 6-month free shipping. And if you cancel the automatic charge after 6 months  right after enrollment, your account won’t be kicked out from the membership; just enroll in and cancel it right away, and you will still be able to enjoy the free shipping!!! What a big sweetheart deal!!


Step One: Click to the amazon student program page.

Step Two: Finish a very short form, which asks you to fill some very basic information, make sure you enter your .EDU email address! And then Amazon will send a confirmation link to your .edu email address.

Step Three: Check the confirmation email from amazon and click the confirmation link!

Step Four (Optional): If you are afraid you will forget to cancel the membership and amazon charges you $39 (which is still 50% of the original price of $79 per year) automatically after the 6 months free trial!!! What a deal!!

Okay! Now, go with your free amazon prime service and enjoy it!!

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