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Corporate Fiduciary Duties – Business Judgment

The Board of Directors should satisfy their Duty of Care, which partly constituted of reasonable business judgment. Both Delaware Corporate Law and Modern Corporate Law allows a harbor rule for directors to make their business judgment decision freely without too much concerns about being charged.  But, they still must reasonably make their judgment in the […]

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It’s time to move to Self-Hosted Mailing List!

As the amount of subscribers climb so aggressively, it’s high time to move to a self-hosted mailing list. I’ve done some basic research.   what people say about self-hosted mailing list? nice and recommended softwares (dedicated server better)

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Why as domain name?

I missed days back in ECUPL (East China University of Political Science and Law), I’m currently still working diligently in GWU Law. Affiliate marketing is my part-time “job” for releasing from cases…and hopefully for making some bucks. In sum, as a permitted law practitioner in China and semi-experienced affiliate, I would like to use […]

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Why blog?

Imagine  a young man sitting in front of a bunch electronics, but overwhelmed by law cases or casebooks, he’s also used to listening to music while reading, what would he do to express his inner world in a quite zone of library? Blog! That’s it.

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