Legalzoom is the easiest way to create a company entity.

LegalZoom has helped more businesses get off the ground than anyone in the U.S.

Sometimes, you want to start a business, but the regulations or the corporation entity issues stop you. There is a bunch of company helping new entrepreneurs start their new business from the formation of entity out there. But you might find out they are kind of expensive or low-efficient if you just want to register a small business which cannot bring them too much profit earning from serving as an agent. Those agents always spend times and vigor on the most valuable deals, serving the bigger customers first even though they’re behind you in the line.

In the situation mentioned above, you simply need a bigger and more professional company treat every customer equally, and it is easier than ever before to find out this company. LegalZoom

Operation under the veil of corporation, owners can get protection from unlimited liability caused by failure or other tax issues, and it is typically preferable to form a LL.C .

Following is a list of very easy forms you might want to fill to request service from Legalzoom.


An LLC is a business entity created under state law that can shield you from personal liability. LLCs are becoming the most popular way to start a business due to their ease and flexibility.


A limited liability partnership, or LLP, is a business structure designed for partners who want a voice in managing their business, but do not want to share liability.

Generally speaking, a partner in an LLP is not responsible for the debts or liabilities of the other partners. This makes the LLP a popular choice for professional service organizations, such as accounting, architecture, or law firms.


The limited partnership, or LP, has become an increasingly popular choice for business owners, especially those involved in real estate or other investment ventures.

Unlike general partnerships, LPs can limit the liability and the involvement of certain partners. This is useful for attracting investment partners who’d like to participate in the profits of the business, but not necessarily in its risks or daily operations.


DBA is an abbreviation for “doing business as.” If you operate a sole proprietorship under a name that differs from your personal name (or if a corporation or LLC uses a name that’s different than what’s filed with the state), you’ll need a DBA.

In some places, DBAs are called “fictitious business names”, “assumed business names” or “trade names.”


Today, corporations have become the gold standard for starting a business. The corporate business structure can help reduce your taxes and help protect you against the threat of personal liability. Other advantages of a corporation include:

* Self-employment tax savings, which can amount to thousands of dollars annually
* The ability to offer a wide range of benefits such as medical reimbursement plans, 401k and other retirement plans
* Better access to capital from investors and from banks
* Shareholders are not typically liable for corporate debts

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