Professional EMU

EMU is no good and kind of evil, but if you are serious about it, be professional. This is the most decent teamĀ I’ve ever seen.


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China Bar Association; Current GWU Law Student; A man had cried at midnight.

Vigilante wrote 64 posts

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  • Tracia

    Hey bro,

    Were you only doing EMU in affiliate marketing? How about white hat SEO method? It’s slow but sustainable!

    • Vigilante

      It is. But as you may have noticed, I’m not 100% in this industry and need to concentrate on something else. Thank you for your comments. BTW, how’s the latency when you visit my blog?

  • Tracia

    I visit from China via VPN. The loading of your blog is quite fast this way. But if I connect directly, it will need more than half a min to fully load your site.

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