What do I really want?

I confess, I’m naive, I always wanted a job in USA, and I got it. Now, I’m disappointed by what I have been doing in this bontique law firm – fillings, answering calls, reviewing documents a person without legal background can easily understand, etc.

What do I really want?

A position I can show off in front of my classmates while they’re still deadly seeking one? No, I keep in touch with only a few good friends I had in the law school, and they’re away from my location.

My hesitatency to get back to China without gaining any legal experience after graduation from a semi-prestigious US law school. Yes or no, I’m not sure. I do care about experiences as it’ll vitally make me better off when I get back home and do job searching there. Nevertheless, I’m fully aware that only full-time experiences count while I’m merely interning even without salary.

Fine fine fine. Stop complaining, go work, work harder and gain experiences I want!

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