Is RTB real the future of media buying?

I don’t know why people now are really getting excited about the so-called programatic buying through real-time-bidding platform.

I really don’t get it, why would a same type of traffic be more valuable? Think about it, RTB? No way! It is just still CPM with a fancy new name.

From buyer’s perspective, you are still buying CPM, nothing more than just a few more choice about how to buy and where to buy. If you cannot profit on a campaign with CPM, why bother choosing a more competitive way to buy CPM traffic?

From publisher’s perspective, they don’t earn cents from the impressions out of their contents.

Who can tell me what the point of RTB is?

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  • itaoue

    i don’t know anything about RTB,
    and i have a question ,
    why are you participating affiliate marketing.
    does it make big profit?

    • Vigilante

      Hi, thanks for your comment. I participate in affiliate marketing because I’m taking it as a way for me to relieve after stressful work, and it does make some BIG profits for me. So why not?

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