Time Management Is the Most Important Talent!

Three weeks ago, as a LL.M student at GW Law, I took a writing under extreme time pressure exam, which requires me to finish reading around 20-page materials and drafting a memo advising the client for several issues therein within 45 minutes. Unsurprisingly, from my own perspective, I did a bad job. Why was that? Time management issues. After spending almost one year in a U.S. law school, I suppose language was not the biggest problem for anymore. Wrong. It turned out my reading and typing speed disapprove my though. While I did understand almost all of the issues and manage to draft advice on them, I could not perfectly finish it. Why was that? Time management.

From the last weeks, I’ve been too busy to think about other works I need to finish for my own business. I have been holding my breath just on the purpose of never relaxing myself. But still, it turned out I couldn’t even finish a draft of my banking law research paper. Why is that? Time management. I would spend hours and hours in reading useless news from the Internet rather than simply typing one sentence in my paper. That’s weird and an paradox for me. Why? I have no idea yet. I guess I simply need to calm down and think about it.

Yes. While writing this small post, I am thinking about it.  I guess I need to focus on, concentrate on my paper and think nothing but the paper until I finish it. Terminate all unnecessary application in my computer, cut off Internet connection when writing and stop receiving emails.

Come on! I gotta finish this 25-page banking law research paper by March 24. God bless me please!

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  • Tracia

    Writing papers are headaches for many ESL students. You are not the only one. LOL.

    As for the time management, we’re all information junkie to some extent in this dot-come era. And execution and time management skills are really the most important in Internet Marketing.

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